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Together with Pro Marketing we implemented Hubspot

21. julij, 2021

We believe our customers are our top priority, so we need to follow their needs at each step of our sales process. To be able to fully understand their needs and offer them what they are looking for, we need to have perfectly organized and digitalized processes. We also need our team to constantly be able to monitor and access to all relevant information at any given point of time.
To achieve that, our existing CRM solution needed to be adjusted and upgraded completely. We wanted it to fit our needs and to give us full control over our sales process.

Together with Pro Marketing team we came up with a perfect solution to cope with our challenge. They carefully examined our needs, advised us on proposed solution, successfully implemented and integrated Hubspot, our newest solution and gave us insight for us to start using it successfully immediately.

We would like to thank mr. Damjan Blagojevic for his expert strategic counselling as well as a lot of patience with this project. We are really excited about Hubspot and are looking forward to our future sales opportunities and success.

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Jasna Triller

Owner and CEO

The owner and founder of IDentiks. A graduate of the Faculty of Economics in the University of Maribor. Passionate entrepreneur and mother of two children. She was fond to cards since her early age. By nature she is optimistic, hard worker, brave and stubborn lioness, who usually gets what she wants.

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