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Identiks card solutions d.o.o. offers a wide range of solutions and services to optimize your business or organization. In Identiks we aim to offer our cust more ...omers a quality service, which will further improve your business and your customers' satisfac

Our solutions are:

ID.Konferenca- Complete support in organizing and managing events. The service was, as innovative solution, a part of the ABC accelerator. 

Gift Cards -  The card that allows your customers to buy your products and services from multiple providers. How It Works? Check it here!

Loyalty program – customer loyalty program will make your connection with the customer stronger and customers will be happy to return. What are the many advantages of this clip? Check it out here!

IDE.Wellcheck - An application that allows quick identification data storage. You can strategically plan your future business plans. Check it here!

Personalization - We offer print on envelopes, registration forms, cardboard cards and envelopment. Packaging and delivery included. Check it here!

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