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Loyalty program - CLIP

CLIP®- Customer Loyalty Integration Process: with integration of services and the latest technologies we enable you to easily and professionaly plan, implant and execute loyalty programs, increase the loyalty of your customers and increase the profitability of your company! 

Advantages of CLIP

Integrating and managing data is complicated, which is why we offer our customers an entire process, from planning to implantation of an entire loyalty program. We do not merely implant the system - that is when customer data is processed. We stand by our buyers and assist them, help them to communicate with their customers, design a loyalty club as well as brand, and help them to save money with marketing expenses, consequently increasing their profit. In the long run our buyers can use the acquired data to plan their next strategic developments of their company.

Advantages of implanting CLIP service:

• customer satisfaction
• improved oversight of business 
• rewarding existing processes
• improve your reputation, credibility and strength of your trademark
• knowing the value of your customers
• increasing the base of your customers
• increase the value of purchases
• improve customer loyalty
• understanding purchasing habits
• more accurate customer segmentation 
• increases the possibilities to ''cross sell'' and ''up-sell'' 
• enables your company to kindly and mutually communicate with your customers at the right time and in the correct way 
• customer data is transformed into data needed for making business decisions 
• you will save time
• decrease expenses in the long run - ROI
• 100% transparent way to measure success (KPI)

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