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About us

IDentiks. Where business is a relationship.

We are a growing family business. Dynamically and at the same time preduently we grow for more than ten years. With sales we annually exceed half a million euros, we are profitable and we continually invest in development. In recent years, we have expanded to Croatia and we are consolidating in the region.

Each company has a unique »fingerprint«.

In Identiks company we breathe identification and personalization of people and companies with ID cards, card printers, registration of conferences with innovative solution ID.Conference, RFID solutions and business gifts.


  We believe in:

  1. Business is relationship. If one does not understand people, than you do not understand business.
  2. The world belongs to the brave.
  3. With trust business can turn into friendship
  4. Speed and agility are the skilly of small businesses.
  5. Everyone wants to be understood and at the same time be special and different.
  6. Our customers can delight their customers. Identiks chain of happiness.
  7. Positivity is contagious. You for yourself, you on the others, others on you...
  8.  If you choose a job you love, you will never have to work again.
  9. Honesty is more important than kindness.
  10. To leave anyone in the lurch is not suitable for anyone.
  11. We believe in »familiness« in the company.


We operate according to following values:

Konwledge. Responsiveness. Reliability. Economic prudence.


Trust and respect.

Continuous development.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Ethnicity


We have a sense for technology. RFID = NO contact.

IDentiks is today best known for all kinds of PVC and BIO cards and RFID systems, which represent a variety of solutions in connection with cards.

We offer both simple as well as complex solutions for identification in the workplace and events, loyalty cards, accreditation. Our focus is increacingly going towards RFID (contactless) solutions.

In 2016 our innovative solution was adopted in ABC accelerator.

We combine knowledge with the quick response and economic prudence. We are recognized by the reliability and the relationship of trust and respect. Our distinctive advantage is aesthetics. Our motto is that every IDentiks card for our client is the best and the most elegant and beautiful solution.


We are trusted by large and growing companies:

We are trusted by big and small growing companies and trademarks such as:

SPAR, Sportina XYZ, Nama, Tommy Hilfiger, Mana, Delo, Rašica, Sava TMC, Thermana, Kompas, TZS, RIO Casino, Kongo etc.

Among our partners there are both private and public companies and ministries, schools, universities, Government Communication Office, the Chamber of Crafts, Chamber of Commerce, Office of Traffic Safety, LPP Pension Fund and the unions.

Among the achievements of IDentiks we proudly include a high-tech chip card for Ljubljana Public Transport, Urbana.


In the thoughts of IDEal customers anchor yourself in IDEal gifts!

Your business promotional gift deserves a WOW reaction. WOW reaction means that the gift doesn not get stuck at the bottom of the drawer or on shelf or in the bin.

It has to have heart, usefulness and uniqueness. It also has to have informative value, which must speak to your customers in a moment.

In IDentiks we do not believe in a standart gift catalogs. Rather, we belive in »SMART« gifts.

Stand and look astonishly!


Authorship – created for you!

Reaction guaranteed!


Walk in to our virtual gallery of gifts and leave inspired and enriched. CLICK. CHOOSE. BUY.

IDentiks Team

Jasna Triller

Owner and CEO

The owner and founder of IDentiks. A graduate of the Faculty of Economics in the University of Maribor. Passionate entrepreneur and mother of two children. She was fond to cards since her early age. By nature she is optimistic, hard worker, brave and stubborn lioness, who usually gets what she wants.

Nina Jurca

Back Office

Z diplomo iz Družboslovne informatike je prejela edinstveno veščino, ki ji nudi popoln pregled in natančnost nad poslovanjem podjetja. Tako skrbi, da delo v pisarni poteka urejeno, tekoče in koordinirano.

tel. +386 590 90550
mob. +386 40 889 332
fax +386 590 90551
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User opinions

... Regarding school identification cards and hologram stickers “before the study year 2013/2014 started we held a public tender for production of student identification cards and hologram stickers. Identiks card systems d.o.o. had the most competitive price and we would love to recommend their products and solutions.


... Regarding promotional gift wraps »We decided to order promotional gift wraps at company Identiks not only because they were the cheapest but also because they were able to respond to our needs in time and were able to make a deliver in short time. The quality was of course assured, we received exactly the same wraps we ordered. The print colours were exactly the same as requested despite the fact that we ordered several designs for ourselves and our customers. To this day we still use the same gift wraps with pride. We use them to wrap the packaging of our products, brighten up our envelopes containing letters and more. This is a great and unique promotional product which reminds our customers of our love for exquisite elegance, thus strengthening our brand.”

MAŠA MAROVT, Plastika Skaza

... Regarding the IDE.Conference solution we have used contactless RFID technology at the IBM event ‘Key to solution’ 23.10.2014-24.10.2014 in Portorož. Over 1000 attendees participated at the two days long event and yet there were no queues at our registry table. The reason? All attendees were registered with the help of contactless RFID technology. During this time we collaborated with New Moment agency. Project manager Glorija Petek had this to say about our collaboration: “We decided to collaborate with company Identiks because they are currently the only ones offering the kind of solution we required. Which is to say registration and tracking attendees with the help of contactless RFID system. We especially appreciate how efficiently responsive they were to our needs, which was crucial at the moment because we had to make decisions in a very short time. The attendees of Key to solution 2014 IBM Slovenia have likewise noticed the solution in action since there were no queues like at previous events. Attendees didn’t even notice any queues nor did they realize they were being registered or that they were being tracked in real time at the lectures. We could even reserve the exact amount of lunches in the restaurant which only saved our time and money. Hence why we would love to work with them again.”


... Regarding card printing and manufacturing “Company Identiks has been our producer for personalised PVC cards for several years. We decided to publish these cards after implanting loyalty program Ambasador, Sava Hotels & resorts. Cards with magnetic strip simplify identification process for our customers regardless of their destination and enable them to collect our Drops. We are very pleased with our collaboration with Identiks, especially because the cards they produce are aesthetic, work perfectly and are made in very short time. Even in times of crisis they are always prepared to listen to our problems and find a mutually beneficial solution. I would recommend this company to all those looking for a reliable and high quality PVC cards producer.”

URŠKA RUTAR, Sava Turizem d.d

»We order our Spar Gifts cards at IDentiks because they are one of few companies that can provide such specific product at so low price. Gift cards are extremly important to us, because with them we can offer our customers something more. Gifts cards are always delivered as we wish them – beautiful and without irregularities. Our collaboration with IDentiks is running really smooth and satisfying. «

MIRAN MARKELJ, Spar Slovenija d.o.o.

... about card printers »IDentiks's Card printers were already in my office when I started working here. Their products are extremely high-quality, neat and of fair prices. From my experience, working with IDentiks was always a pleasure because their team is very fast, accurate and helpful in any situation. If there was a problem with something they always called me and suggested possible solutions and in the end both sides were satisfied. Communication through e-mail or over the phone was also always friendly, fast and useful. We are very contented with our collaboration, so we will continue to work with them. Moreover, we recommend IDentiks to all companies that needs card printers or some kind of custom ID solutions.«


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