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Application for comprehensive management and monitoring of event participants

Effective control and monitoring of all aspects of the business event - directly via a mobile phone with a stand-alone cloud solution.

Effective control and monitoring of all aspects of the business event - directly via a mobile phone with a stand-alone cloud solution.

Process efficiency at events has been gaining importance for some time, and lately, there has been a growing need for digitalisation, rapid flow in places where events tend to be crowded, and it is especially important that the event organizer has reasonable control over what happens before and during the event. After the event, it is necessary to make a good analysis with the right input data.

At IDentiks, we responded to all these challenges with our own software solution and an application that can also be managed over the phone - the EVENTIKS application for comprehensive event management and registration.

The application enables effective control and monitoring of all aspects of the business event:

  • Registration/accreditation of participants
  • Identity verification at the event
  • Verification of rights according to different levels of access
  • Possibility of ad hoc replacements, quick notes
  • Recording the term registration and preparation of a comprehensive analysis and reports on the event
  • Possibility of several different places of registration that the organizer adds according to their liking

We are constantly developing our solution, so we will add new useful options soon

The application is a stand-alone cloud-based solution and the management is quite simple - with the help of a mobile phone and a CMS interface for a complete overview and management of the events.




EVENTIKS is a stand-alone application that does not need integration into background systems because it is located in the cloud and is available regardless of background processes and systems.


The client can operate the EVENTIKS application completely independently. Our team creates an online link for the event, through which the client manages the event and optionally upgrades and personalizes it according to their wishes. If necessary and by agreement, our expert team will assist the client in guiding and supervising the participants at the event.


Unlike most applications of this type, which require a terminal in the background or for management, the EVENTIKS application can be managed by phone, and the functionalities are available in just a few clicks.


EVENTIKS allows for complete control over the participants of the event, from their application to registration/accreditation at the event itself, and control over different levels of access.


EVENTIKS represents our own IDentiks solution, developed with the help of our expert team. Therefore, the possibilities of customizing and developing additional functionalities tailored to the client are unlimited, and we also offer excellent support and advice on the use and capabilities of the application itself for the best client-specific event.



E-Commerce Jam – the biggest online conference in the region and the award for the best supplier of accreditation 2022.

The EVENTIKS application was a digital solution for registration/accreditation and monitoring of participants of the largest online conference E-Commerce Jam 2022, which took place in November 2022 in Zagreb.

The conference took place at the Culture Factory in Zagreb and was attended by more than 500 participants and a large number of international speakers. All participants were guaranteed quick and unobstructed access to the conference, and upon registration, they also received a biodegradable card, which further contributed to the ecological and sustainable aspect of the entire conference.

For the successful, quick, smooth and flawless registration process with the EVENTIKS application, IDentiks received the award for the best accreditation provider in of 2022.

You should also check out our IDE.Conference service - comprehensive support to organizers during event registration, participant accreditation and creating their own landing page.


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