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With the gift – payment cards! What is their advantage? Your customers can use these cards to benefit your services and can also surprise your loved ones with practical gifts.

Along with the online software tool " card", the gift cards will be even more effective, because the shoppers in your stores can 'spend' completely on what they really want and above all without having to worry about "what to buy, because you don't return in money" ...

ONE payment card for MORE provides!

Innovative solutions for shoppers is user-friendly because you can shop at several providers that may be connected to a common gift program.


INSIGHT INTO TRANSACTIONS - select the time period

QUICK AND EASY - adjustment of the incorrect reported transactions

ACCESS TO THE SYSTEM – anywhere, anytime (via web browser)

REDUCE COSTS – integration with your reader eliminates the need for additional hardware


The system is available with a bar code or a contactless chip (RFID).

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