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Loyalty or gift/value card? Or even both?

26. februar, 2022

Research has shown, that unlike paper gift vouchers, gift cars can add up to 50 to even 100% increase in sales.

At IDentiks, we have listened to our customers, their needs and wishes and responded with a perfect solution.

We are proud to tell you that we have a new IDeal solution, that will satisfy all your needs and demands to do business with gift/value cards and loyalty cards (loyalty programs)

The solution is a complete cloud solution (completely accessible within a cloud) – SaaS. We can also integrate it with your existing programs and solutions and it is compatible with RFID or normal classic identification (QR codes, barcodes, …)

We encourage you to level up the satisfaction of your customers the same way we have listened and responded to our customers’ needs. Reward their loyalty with loyalty programs and offer them a possibility to bring gifts to their loved ones or a simpler way of using gift /value cards.

According to research, both approaches are proven to be an accelerator of sales and uplift of average basket value.

The benefits of loyalty card are:

  • Customers will buy more often at their chosen vendor
  • You will be able to segment your customer much more efficiently
  • A higher understanding of buyer intentions and habits
  • It will offer you more options to cross sell and up-sell
  • A higher average basket value (the amount that your customers spend at an average visit)
  • A higher possibility of existing customers’ recommendations
  • A higher share of regular and returning customers


The benefits of a gift/value card are:

  • It will attract new customers to your shop
  • An increase of your customers’ base – an existing customer will give your gift card to a new customer (friends, acquaintances, family)
  • An extensive increase of your brand recognition
  • Loyal customers that will return for sure
  • Decreased risk of returning purchased items
  • You will get your financial assets right away (the gift card must be paid upfront)
  • It encourages and accelerates the possibility of a customer to come back


Therefore, IDentiks team is proud to present a novelty in its product portfolio, as we are now offering a complete, turnkey solution.

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Jasna Triller

Owner and CEO

The owner and founder of IDentiks. A graduate of the Faculty of Economics in the University of Maribor. Passionate entrepreneur and mother of two children. She was fond to cards since her early age. By nature she is optimistic, hard worker, brave and stubborn lioness, who usually gets what she wants.

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