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Anti skimming RFID card

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Ker izdelek v izbrani količini ni na zalogi,
je dobavni rok cca. 10 delovnih dni. Za več informacij nas kontaktirajte.

Ker izdelek v izbrani količini ni na zalogi,
je dobavni rok 10 delovnih dni.

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Protective anti-skimming RFID card for your wallet. The anti-skimming card prevents data theft or abuse.

The RFID cards can be abused in several different ways, from hidden smart labels under the table, to terminals hidden in people's pockets in a crowded area. This data theft cannot be detected until we receive the bill by the end of the month or until our systems have been accessed without our consent.

For this purpose we have prepared protective anti skimming RFID card to prevent your card frequencies from being hijacked. Apart from security, this anti skimming RFID card is an excellent way to promote yourself since they can be imprinted with the logotype of your choosing.



Weight: 8 gr
Size: 85 x 54 mm
Pieces per carton: 100
Size of carton: 90 x 130 x 60 mm
Weight carton: 0,8 kg


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