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Ker izdelek v izbrani količini ni na zalogi,
je dobavni rok cca. 10 delovnih dni. Za več informacij nas kontaktirajte.

Ker izdelek v izbrani količini ni na zalogi,
je dobavni rok 10 delovnih dni.

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Contactless cards are the most used identification media in access control, registration at workplaces, mass transit and so forth. They have several advantages other means of registartion do not (quick contactless reading, longevity, design,...) We have been manufuncturing contactless cards for over a decade and we are one of the most experienced and reliable producers in Slovenia. There are several types of contactless chips operating at different frequencies (13.56Mhz, 125Khz, 127Khz,...), and the most used ones are Mifare (13.56Mhz), HID(13.56Mhz or 125Khz), FeliCa (13.56Mhz), EM (125Khz), and others. With the development of NFC technology we can expect that the functionality and usage of contactless cards will soar and replace contact cards entirely. If you have any questions regarding the above mentioned technology, please do not hesitate in contacting us at

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