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6 tips on how to choose a gift for your event

3. oktober, 2018

The event is also an opportunity to highlight your business with personalized promotional material and business gifts. With the right approach and purchase of a gift you can quickly make a lasting and positive impression on the participant.

A gift can be used as a strategic move to upgrade dialogue with your target audience. If you have an original idea that will surprise your guests, than your purpose to make a lasting impact will most certainly succeed.


6 tips on how to choose the right promotional gift for participants at the event:

  1. Be a mood promoter. Useful and playful gifts that promote creativity puts the participants of the event in a greart mood. And this is an excellent start!
  2. Support the key conference message. Gift bags can be an additional tool to explain the key messages of your event to participants.
  3. Do not forget to brand a gift with a brand name. Events play a strategic role in communicating an event or company trademark. Bags with conference gifts are a great tool for your guests to "take the brand home".
  4. Target on quality, not quantity. The tradition of filling gift bags with low price goods has long since passed.
  5. Surprise with design. Target with unusual colors and materials.
  6. Make it practical: gifts that solve problems will receive more gratitude.


Even though society is becomin more and more environmentally conscious, all major conferences still insist on giving gifts to the participants the event.

Conference gifts can also be sustainable and useful for longer use. Check out some of our ECO-friendly Gifts.

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Marko Panjan


Joined the IDentiks team during his cooperation in the ID.Conference at the ABC Accelerator. Master of Social sciences he has found his passion in digital marketing. He brought to the team freshness, creativity and a positive attitude.

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