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Unique gifts chosen by our staff

8. november, 2018

Each year our staff choose the most trendy and unique business gifts and collect them in catalog. Our choice was based on various criteria. We took into account that gifts are trendy, sustainable, environmentally friendly, fun and especially unique.

Our motivation is to find you the most unique gift that this year will represent your business and will also stand out from the extensive offer of gifts that are found on the market.

We present 3 of the 13 categories that we have collected in the catalog BE UNIQUE. We are convinced that something interesting will also be found for you. 



We have chosen products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Excessive use of consumer materials such as plastic bags, bottles and batteries greatly burdens our environment.

That's why we have chosen a shopping bag that you can use multiple times, a bottle that will replace plastic bottles and a solar powerbank that is powered by the Sun's energy.



More and more people are engaging in the outdoors activities. Outdoor activities recharges your batteries, lower your stress levels and overall it strengthens your health.

For a better track of your sport activity we have choosen a sport watch. With better sport analytics you can improve yours sport results faster.

It is hard to take your most urgent accessories when you go out on the run. This belt has small aparments for you phone, cash and keys. It also glows so you can be safe in the dark.

Hidratition and sport go hand in hand, so we offer you a water bottle with wrapped rubber for better grip and a drinking mouthpiece.



Offer your business partners a package that will shine! The package contains a thin wireless powerbank, lip balm and a pen with a touch stick for your displays.


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Marko Panjan


Joined the IDentiks team during his cooperation in the ID.Conference at the ABC Accelerator. Master of Social sciences he has found his passion in digital marketing. He brought to the team freshness, creativity and a positive attitude.

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